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20+ Elegant Evening Gowns with Sleeves

Elegant dress with sleeve - Evening gown for parties

No wonder! You me and all the ladies want to do elegant fashion. Rather make-up jewelleries and stuffs, dress is the main thing what highlight you at a glance. So when we go for party, meeting, even for date always want to wear best dress we have. Here I would like to expose collection of elegant Evening Gowns with Sleeves which can use for evening party, wedding, casual occasion, date or night out.

Why we should wear evening gowns

Some many be wondering why we wear gowns for evening parties rather simple outfit. If you notice you could see all the celebrities and rich people always intend to wear gowns in evening parties. That always highlight you at a glance moreover gowns with sleeves. Gowns without sleeves have kind a hot look, however gowns with sleeves always exemplify elegant rich look.

Before you selecting a gown you should consider about what fabric you go for. There is huge difference among those fabrics in quality, shine, look, comfort and price. These are the common most famous gown fabrics in the market.


  • Strong beautiful sheen
  • Soft elegant drape
  • Smooth and touchable
  • Shimmering surface


  • A plain weave
  • loose and tightly twisted yarns
  • Fine and transparent
  • Generally taut


  • A crinkly, crepe like texture
  • highly twisted yarns
  • Has a tight weave
  • Strong and holds up well to wear


  • A slightly creased/wrinkled appearance
  • Grainy, textured surface
  • Lightweight & Matte face
  • Flexible with a 2-way stretch


  • A sleek and glossy face
  • Woven fabric with a very specific weave
  • Could made from silk, cotton, wool, and synthetics
  • Highly lustrous


  • Crisp and dry handle
  • A wiry feel
  • Stiff and transparent
  • Fine texture slightly shine


  • Soft and flexible
  • Durable, and wrinkle resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Insulating
  • Adds shape and moves with the body

Black Plunging Neckline Long Sleeve Evening Gown

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La Femme Evening Dresses

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La Femme Evening Dresses

long Sleeves Elegant Evening Gowns
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