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Do these 5 things for Bigger Breast

5 things for bigger breast

Yoga | Exercises | Massage | Diet | Alcohol

1. Yoga

If you want to increase cup size this is the best. Yoga poses like Ushtasana, Gowmukhasana, Bhujangasana can improve breast size naturally. Yoga helps to circulate blood flow throughout the body in each single organ. Increasing blood supply to these particular organs cause for enhance breast health as well as nutritious. So it will start boost up overall size. Combination of yoga with a proper meal plan will gives you bigger breast in weeks.

2. Exercises

techniques of exercises what use to enhance bust size same as yoga and both do increase blood circulation. Physical actions of each other totally different and you will burn more calories in exercises than yoga.  Dumbbell chest presses, isometric chest contractions can increase breast size by providing additional force on surrounding tissues. You could see notable difference within two, three months if you do regular exercise.  

3. Massage

A good breast massage can increase it volume while making it firm and lift-up. Yoga, exercises and massage all these three things work on same theory, blood circulation and it cause for bigger, firm boobs. Moreover, good blood supply will lift-up bust by improving inner mussels. Almond, olive and coconut oil can recommend as best oils in the market for breast enhancement. Use any of those oils and massage slowly 2-3 minutes at least twice a week.

4. Balanced diet for bigger breast

meal plan playing vital role in every health related case such as weight loss, weight gain, skin care, everything. Same as, in this case you should pick proper diet for enhance breast size by eating bust enhance foods. Maintain healthy weight, if you over weight go for weight loss plan and if you are under weight go for weight gain plan accordingly. You should not low on vitamins, minerals and protein. We recommend to eat high protein foods even you over or under weight. But keep in mind to control carbohydrate depend on your weight.

5. Avoid alcohol and smoking

Not only breast it can ruin whole of your body shape. Use alcohol only once in awhile but quit smoking. If you can quit both that’s great. This will effect on your all organs and it genetically change internal reactions, so even your body can’t understand what’s going on and how to react it. This cause for 100 of negative impact including long term fatal diseases.


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