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Green Tea For Fat Burn & Lose Your Weight

Green tea burn fat and lose body weight

We all know Green tea is one of the healthiest drink all around the world. Tea leaves rich in antioxidants and various herb compounds that positively effect your health. Some folks believe green tea have magic power of burning fat and help to lose body weight. That is not just a saying, it is thru and here we explore the benefits of green tea, who help you to improve your health in various ways.

Loaded with substance which can lose fat

As we discussed above tea leaves loaded in many helpful compounds.

Caffeine is one of the main compound in Green tea. Cup of green(150ml) tea includes 24-40mg of caffeine when coffee holds 100-200mg caffeine in same volume. This amount is well enough for have considerable effect.

According to several studies, that reveal caffeine boosts your exercise performance and work on burring your excess fat.

Moreover, green tea famous for its antioxidant content. Research study shows that green tea can Rapid Increase in Plasma Antioxidant Power in Humans.

Green tea can break fat cells

Before burn fat, your body should break fat cells and should move to blood stream. So the green tea has that ability and that’s the way how it effects on burning fat.

Increase fat burning during exercise

If you carefully lookover any fat burning supplement, you could see there is green tea as an ingredient. Green tea includes in almost every supplement as this already proven its abilities in clinical and physical tests.

In one case study that conduct involving two people revealed, one man who consume green tea before exercise burned 17% more fat than other one who didn’t consume. According to the study you can easily understand the power of fat burring ability in green tea.  

Lose Harmful abnormal fat

You may wonder how many pounds can I lose drinking green tea. That is relative, if you combine green tea with exercise your result will be enormous. However, most studies show that green tea could effect on weight loss while fewer studies showing no effect.

Many trusted studies revealed that green tea supplements lead to lose 3 (1.3kg) pounds on average.  

Body contain several types of fat and not all of those are harmful.

Internal fat packed under your skin however, there may be have considerable amount of belly fat scientifically Visceral fat.

Having significant amount of visceral fat strongly linked to several fatal diseases, including heart problems and type 2 diabetes.  

Consume of green reduce the risk of having above diseases and we recommend consume at least one cup of green tea per day for long healthy life either you have intention to lose weight or not.




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