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How Sleep Affect for Weight Loss

sleep for weight loss

There are some day-to-day practices you should follow to lose your body weight before you look into other hard exercises. The most essential thing a person looks forward to after a busy schedule is nothing else but comfortable sleep. Sleeping has direct impacts on losing your weight.

1. Less Sleep Makes You Gain Fat

It has been found that less sleep has a relationship with BMI(body mass index). Researchers say that it is very much important to get eight-hour sleep to lead a healthy life. But, when you miss your sleep at night for a long period of time, you will automatically gain a lot of weight.

2. Less Sleep Increase Your Appetite

Researchers have found that less sleep makes some hormones in high amounts inside your body. One such hormone is ghrelin. When you are not getting enough sleep, the hormone ghrelin will be secreted more. This hormone signals your brain informing that you are hungry. Another hormone called Cortisol is also released in large amounts when you are not getting enough sleep. This hormone forces you to eat more food while it makes you stress as well. These facts will make you fat.

3. Sleep Controls Your Cravings

It has been found that the more you are awake without sleeping, the more your brain asks for food. The researchers say that your brain craves various tempting foods such as sweets or instant food while you are sleepless. Less sleep, walks you towards food more frequently. It will automatically make your body gain more weight.

4. Increases Your Calorie Intake

What most people do without sleeping is watching movies, hanging on YouTube, or studying. These habits rhyme with having snacks. Snacks contain ingredients that increase your body weight. Your body gets more calories while you are losing sleep with these habits. This will make you more fat.

5. Less Sleep Reduce Your Resting Metabolism

RMR means the Resting Metabolic Rate. Researches show that this value can get lower when a person does not get enough sleep. This value goes up when you get enough rest. Sleepless behavior lowers down the metabolic rate. It means your body does not burn calories well. Therefore, your body will gain more weight.

6. Less Sleep Make You Lazy

When your body does not get enough and proper sleep, your physical activities get decreased. This makes you lazy to do exercise. Basketball players are advised to sleep for 10 hours before seven weeks to their matches. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body becomes lazy to do workouts. So, you gain more weight.

7. Less Sleep Risks You to Diabetic

When you are not sleeping well, cells in your body become insulin resistant. Once this happens, your body gets the risk of increasing blood sugar level. It gains more weight to your body. This will also cause diabetes like dangerous diseases.

Above facts show that it is very important to get a good sleep in order to lose body weight. 


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