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Ultimate Leg skin Care Tips for Ladies

best leg skin care tips

No doubt legs are the sexiest part on woman’s body. Several case studies reveal that most of the people look into feet first and legs then steadily comes lookover your face. More than 75% of people get noticed your legs at glance not only that some are worry about legs more than face. No hesitate you should keep your legs clan, nice and perfect. That why you into this articles and here we bring you valuable tips to keep your legs skin perfect. When you see someone with shiny perfect skin you may wonder, how does she do it? What cream does she use? And thousands of questions you ask from yourself. Here are the answers, go ahead.

Clean your skin with proper cleanser

Yes, that not enough just wash your legs using water. It must use shower gel, cream or soap. When you selecting cleaning products that we recommend to go through all the description and select proper cleanser which suit to your skin. Because there are thousands of products in the market and obviously most of those are not your cleanser. Depend on your skin type you should select product and we recommend oil based gels and cream for most general skins.

Drink plenty of fluids (Right ones)

Chlorophyll plant and drink for skin care
Chlorophyll plant and drink for skin care © verywellfit & wikipedia

Skin is the largest organ in the body and it contains 64% percent water. Keep hydrate is one of the more important role in the body and you can maintain it drinking plenty of fluids. Some experts say choosing right beverage that can change the game. At least you should drink glass of water just after wake up in the morning. Chlorophyll is one of the top beverage for skin care on the planet. Drink it every morning to brighten, oxygenate, and hydrate your skin. May be you not much familiar with Chlorophyll, you can find those from many drugstores and health food stores. Again king coconut is another alternative which you can use for keep proper hydrate through out the day.

Healthy diet for leg skin

We all have amazing body which is hard to understand how this created and who is the creator. Skin layer has it own natural barrier to retain moisture both inside and outside. Omega-3 fatty acid one of the essential which sustain the natural barrier. Eat divers meal to boost your nutrients including fish, Tuna, Sardine as they loaded with plenty of Omega-3. Eaten healthy diet not only effect on your skin this lead to your long term healthiness and control your weight as you needed. We encourage you to consume Wheat Germ Oil, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds and Peanuts as they rich in vitamin E which effective at reducing UV damages in skin.

These are the 5 main vitamins and nutrients essential for healthy skin nutrients

  • Vitamin E
  • Biotin
  • Iodine
  • Niacin
  • Riboflavin

Keep moisturizes throughout the day

As we discussed above our body naturally create resistant/ moisture to protect the leg skin. You can feel it on the skin fresh and oily. In some occasions such as just after shower you feel some dryness on the skin because of your natural protection was wash out. In such a case you have to apply proper recommended lotion to keep your moisture as it would be. We recommend to use light clinical proven moisturize lotion after every shower and right before you go to the bed.

Leg Oil massage

This will be the most loved tips in the article! Doesn’t matter you are standing all the day or sitting down. There are many possible ways that can damage your blood vessels due to pumping blood against gravity and pressure.  Furthermore, if you are a smoker or often eat carbs, sugar and fatty foods again there is a chance to damage your blood vessels.

In case damage any blood vessel there is possible disadvantage of proper blood circulation. Then it unable to transfer vitamin and essential components throughout your body even legs. When your skin unable to get proper nutrition then it will get dry, out of moisture, red/brown spots such a disease.

Leg massage is one of the best treatment while it gives you relaxation. There are no side effects at all and combine massage with oils double your benefits. While oils provide external nutrition, massage enhance blood circulation, improve circulatory system as well as it can relax and loosen leg muscles.

Best oils for leg massage

Melrose Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil among the top massage oils.

Limit on cosmetics

Always select clinical proven branded creams and lotions. If you can go for oils (coconut, olive, almond) that will give you more advantage. Use one cram, gel or oil at once, don’t mix those as there is chance of little reactions and cause for harsh on the skin.

Constraint direct sunlight

Absolutely we need sunlight! Specially morning sunlight which include vitamin D. what we here discuss is don’t expose of sunlight too much in noon. However, morning sunlight (sunbath) very special for some disease on your leg skin. Moreover, keep in mind to stay away from heavy heaters. Dr. Palmer reveal stay at least 10 feet away from heavy heaters, fireplaces and heat generate machineries as it can wreak havoc on your skin. That cause for inflammation and collagen breakdown.

Shave with care

First of all, take usual shower with light steam as it will soften your hair and make it ready for shave. Depend on your skin type use proper shaving cream. Gently rub and massage your legs and then shave. Avoid aggressive shave and this should slow and smooth. After shower use soft towel by gently patting the skin dry. Then use moisturize cream for get back your skin hydration.

IMPORTANT: Don’t shave everyday, your skin need time to repair after shaving.

Easy leg skin care routine

Always choose simple, clinical proven and affordable product for your leg skin care. When you find good cream or cleanser and it fits for you don’t change if often. Your skin gets used to those external lotions and cleaners that you need provide same care regularly. So that’s better to get used your skin for easy routine with affordable products rather use expensive product only once in awhile.

It doesn’t matter you follow all the tips if you not able to keep good hygiene. So always keep your legs clean nice and perfect. Wash your legs every time after it get dirty or sweat. Do light massage everyday with cream or oil or at least rub will feel any better.



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