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Mussels for Weight Loss and Wellness

Mussels for Weight Loss and Wellness recipe

When weight loss comes to someone goal, he or she do whatever it cost whenever it last until reach the target. However, some people still not able to loss their weight as they desire. May be due to improper exercise, uncontrolled meal plans or beverage. You can find 100 of weight loss exercises and yoga plans. Even more you can get proper advices from your trainer as well. When it comes to meal plans, you can browse 1,000 of recipes and recommend and worst foods for weight loss.

Cut down on carbohydrate, fatty foods and instead consume protein loaded food is one of the common tip for weight loss. So people intend to eat high protein foods without searching its other nutrition facts and compounds. So there is no chance achieve your target as you still consume unnecessary nutrients. Keep in mind to eat and drink what your body really needs.

Mussel is one of the best Shellfish in the planet with high protein and less Cholesterol when compare to chicken and even chicken breast. We all know high level of cholesterol is one of the worst case and cause for many diseases including heart problems. 

Nutrition facts of mussel

Mussels, Blue, Cooked | Amount per 100g

Calories 172

NutrientsAmount% Daily Value*
Total fat4.5 g6%
Cholesterol56 mg18%
Sodium369 mg15%
Potassium268 mg7%
Total Carbohydrate7 g2%
Protein 24 g48%
Source: Wikipedia
Vitamins% Daily Value*
Vitamin A6%
Vitamin B-65%
Vitamin C22%
Source: Wikipedia

Mussels good for weight loss

According to the above figure, that can understand mussel is good food for people who looking for weight loss. Because of it provide high amount of protein with low amount of unnecessary nutrients. We don’t recommend just stick to mussels and you can combine this with other foods as well as alternative. Changing your daily meal plan often that help your digestive system as well as your wellness.

Mussels for pregnant women

During the pregnancy period we strongly advice you not to eat or try any new foods including shellfish. What we mean don’t eat RAW MUSSELS while you are pregnant to avoid the risk of food pensioning/ allergies. This include all kind of shellfish.

Still you can properly cooked mussels during the pregnancy. Any virus or bacteria get killed by proper cooking under appropriate heat. However, if any food contains toxins that is not completely removed by cooking. All the commercial shellfish are required by the low to be tested. If you get massless from public water, please check the local area is that mussels are safe to eat.

The Bottom line

  • Mussels are low in calories and high in lean protein and health nutrition. This is excellent food to eat while you trying to weight loss.  
  • Mussels are loaded with nutrients that enhance heart health including Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B6.
  • Same nutrients in massless that good for heart are vital for your brain health as well.


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