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Simple ways to lose 10 pounds of weight quickly without starving

lose 10 pounds of weight quickly without starving
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There are many more articles about complex issues such as calorie counting and complex carbohydrates versus simple carbohydrates which will create a mess after reading the article.

Such articles make your whole weight loss process difficult. They may strongly affect you and many people give up their weight loss programs.

But, the problem is having excess weight is problematic on health. It can lead to an increase in blood pressure which will increase the chance of strokes. It results in a high blood sugar level which is also known as diabetes.  High levels of cholesterol and a higher risk of getting heart diseases may occur with too much weight gaining.

This article will tell you about ten simple things that you can do to start losing weight. These are really easy to do and they are not very complex things. Anyone can try these things. When you start to lose weight with these methods, you will be motivated to make bigger changes that  Could lead for lose bodyweight.

Tip 1: Eat your meals at the table

 These days most people have their meals in front of electronic devices such as; television, mobile phone, computer, and laptops, etc. This is bad for your health as these practices will increase the intake of food levels. You eat more and more while you are watching TV or working with a computer than you eat by being on the table. The reason for this is that your mind goes out of your concentration with these electronic devices. So, eat by being on a table.

Tip 2: Eat slowly impotent for weight lose

It takes a few minutes for the stomach to signal the brain that ‘I’m full’. When you eat slowly, the intake of an unnecessary amounts of food will be reduced.  So, eat slowly, chew well and really feel the taste of your food. Eating too fast will create problems indigestion, bloating and cramps as you strain your stomach and intestines.

Tip 3: No drinks while eating

Drinking more water or liquid, while you eat, will cause digestive disorders as it will dilute stomach acids and digestive enzymes. Therefore, drink water 30 minutes before your meal and this will help your stomach to feel full and you will eat less.

Tip 4: Eat in relax

You will end up with improper digestion of what you eat when you are tired, upset or stressed and also this will increase the storage of more fat in the body. Therefore, remember to eat peacefully. Forget all your problems, have a rest and eat.

Tip 5: Eat your heaviest meal earlier

Do not choose a heavy   meal for your dinner. You may eat a heavier lunch but, a lighter dinner. This will help your stomach to digest food in the evening and finish digestion before you go to bed. This will allow a better cellular cleansing and rebuilding while you are sleeping.   

Tip 6: Graze instead of Gorge

 It is better to eat smaller meals and not bigger meals. It helps to keep your blood sugar level steady and to maintain a good energy level throughout the day. So, eat smaller meals at a higher frequency. This means eat more meals with less food.

Tip 7: Start listening to your body

Sometimes even you feel hungry; it might not be the real meaning. So, you have to really think that you are hungry or it is enough to have a glass of water to see if you are thirsty. Most of the time hunger pangs may cause due to thirst and not because of hunger. Therefore, listening to your body and do what it says will actually lead to losing your excess weight.

Tip 8: Get a good night rest

A number of studies show obesity will be increased when a person gets a sleep less than 5- 6 hours per day.  This is proven by researches as a metabolic process in which the body converts calories to energy get slower when sleeping hours become less or when you do not get better sleep at night. This will also create higher production of cortisol and insulin which will also promote fat storage.

Length and depth of sleep in a person regulate the appetite-controlling hormones such as Leptin a Ghrelin. The fullness in your stomach is signaled to the brain by Leptin and Ghrelin to say you are hungry.

Therefore, without proper sleep, the function of Leptin and Ghrelin will not occur properly. So, sleep well and sleep more at night. This fact will lose body weight gradually.

 Tip 9: Regular Exercises

Exercising may difficult as well as cost money to spend on the gym.  You can just download a workout app(iTunes/GooglePlay ) that is rated. Do not just keep it on your phone after you download the app. You need to do those simple exercises while you at the house. The only important word you should remember is “Regular”. It will not be worth it if you just do them for one or two days and stop. Do them at least for two weeks and you will definitely get the benefit of weight lose.

Tip 10: Cut off on your Sweets

It is true that you love to eat chocolates, cakes and such a sweet stuff. But, if you really need to lose your weight, you must say bye to sweets. Sweets contain lot of sugar and they will directly impact on your weight gain.

Practice these simple tips if you want to lose 10 pounds within a short time.



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