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10 Super Foods That Will Burn Your Belly Fat

Foods That Will Burn Your Belly Fat

No wonder everyone wants hot and sexy belly, specially for ladies. So there are lot of exercise that target for desire your dream. That’s not enough, you must plan your meals and should choice what foods help you to reach your goal faster. Here we discuss about 10 super foods which are extremely burn your unhealthy fat in your belly.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter loaded with 8g of protein, 6 g of Carbohydrate and more than 4 vitamins including vitamin A, C, D, B-6 per serving (2 tbsp. 32g). That is great choice to start up your day. Peanut butter rich in L-arginine and amino acid and its able to improve blood flow throughout the body including heart keep blood vessels clean and smooth. This helps your body in many ways, mainly reduce the risk of heart diseases and smooth blood flow throughout the body cause for rad of unwanted acids, fat and substances in your body.


Pumpkin contain adequate amount of fiber and potassium for go through your all day. This is great snack as well as good cooking alternative of breakfast or lunch. Lose your weight while eating good healthy meals. Ever tried pumpkin pie or desert which has 292 calories.


Several research studies reveal that blueberries help burn belly fat. It doesn’t matter fresh or frozen still berries able to save its nutrients.  Moreover, blueberries low in calories even though rich in nutrients and it constantly maintain the blood pressure.

Sardine/ Tuna

Always fish give you good portion of protein, calcium and several nutrients. Keep your eye on tuna and sardine when you buying fish as they high in Omega-3s. This helps you to reduce inflammation in the body, balance hormones in the brain as well as regulate other hormones.  


Vegetables are recommended diet of people who looking for weight loss. Lettuce low in calories while rich in vitamin, minerals and fiber. When you prepare light meal, include this combine with tomato and cucumber. This will be one of your favorite salad. Eaten salad before your main meal probably escape your heavy meal or make it lighter, so go for salad as much as you can before main course.


Not all the seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds rich in minerals. That helps to boost immune system and rid of flus and viruses. These seeds loaded with fiber and it can stave off hunger for while. Less hunger less foods.


Nuts include heart healthy monounsaturated fat according to the study in 2015 by American Heart Association. Furthermore, study reveals people have lower fat level who eats nuts snacks than who eats carbohydrate based snacks. In your snack time look the label and pick grain-based nut snack. Go nuts, but just little.

Olive Oil

Remember to skip deep-fried foods if you want to lose your weight though fried foods linked with weight gain. Extra virgin olive oil and plant based oils create proper “full” feeling and it helps you to slim down. Eat KFC and McDonald’s only once in awhile.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are great, but it has bad rap when it comes to weight loss. Beautiful refined grains on the top associated to wider waist. Whole grains rich in minerals and alternatively go for brown rice, quinoa, wheat, millet and barley for the best result.

Green tea

This is one of the healthiest beverage on the planet. It has magical powers as an example, green tea able to break fat cells in your body and remove those via blood streams. Moreover, it has significant amount of caffeine which keep you on and boost your activities.

Citrus Fruits

Any type of citrus fruit can put your thirsty away in a minute. Antioxidant in citrus help combat inflammation which is linked with belly fat. Drinking citrus juices or adding citrus to water can help non water drinkers to drink it and ultimately slim down meanwhile burning fat.


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