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5 Easy Tips to Lose Love Handles in Weeks

Get rid of love handles

love handles are one of the most annoying thing ever. Some people successfully loss 10 pounds of weight and still struggle with these love handles. May be someone could wonder what we are talking about even they experience the situation. Love handles are the excess fat skin/flesh stick out just upper your hip(side). 

This is terrible because this can hardly notice at a glance. You can’t wear tide outfits, dresses even skinny pants your love handle will showed up underneath your dress. Love handles can’t loss quickly as it takes time to grow-up. It should burn all the fat as much as possible to get rid of love handles.

1.Watch your diet

That is normal and usual foods come first in every health, beauty related topic. Depend on your requirement and goal you should make and schedule your meal plan. If you eat more than your actual requirement of a day you never achieve your goal.  

Cut on carbs, fatty foods and added sugar products. Love handles primary based on excess fat and stay away from deep fried foods and any oil based product. If you still want eat those oily tasty foods, eat only once in awhile. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water all the time. This helps good blood circulation and keep a hunger away for while.

Don’t fear on eat fat, you should stop consume bad fat such as saturated fat.

2.Yoga poses for love handles

Power of mind is the strongest wealth we all have. Gaining this power anyone can do anything, yes anything if you think and work on! Few researches which are related to health identified that mental health and power able to beat on some diseases rather achieve goals keeping aim on the target.  Some people reveals that yoga benefits in several ways such as, meditation, exercises and effect on mental health. Participating on yoga session that you can buildup mental health and burn your unwanted bad fat. Yoga poses Utthita Trikonasana, Prasarita Padottanasana A, Plank Pose and Navasana directly target your abnormal muscles and help you to get rid of love handles by burning fat.


exercise kind of same as yoga which helps you to burn unwanted fat by busying muscles. when you do exercise that you feel there is some effect on your body as of sweating, body heat and tiredness. So you can physically think there is some internal reaction. Yes it is, that burn your calories as well as fat and that how exercise help you to lose love handles.   

4.Cut on alcohol

Over dosage of alcohol is not good for health in anyway. Alcohol release cholesterol which fight against production of testosterone which play key role in development of male reproductive tissues. Also alcohol cause for blood sugar level, blood sugar swing is one of the main thing which contribute to belly fat. Even though you do exercise and dirk alcohol out of control then you will see no change.  We recommend 1-2 shots once or twice a week

5.Green tea

while exercises and yoga fight on lose love handles externally green tea able to contribute the battle internally. This is one of the best beverage on the planet which has unbeatable fat burning power. Compounds of green tea able to break fat cell structure and mix it with blood. Blood will take this bad fat into kidneys and then out of body via urine. Moreover, green tea has considerable amount of caffeine which keeps you up and ‘feel fit’. Drink green tea at least twice a day.


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