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Toenail Care Tips for Healthy, Sheen, Strong Nails

Important toenail care tips

Daily Cleansing

Usually everyone washes their feet at least once per day and think that’s fair enough to keep clean it. Actually that’s not enough, you should use warm water and proper soap for wash your feet. Moreover, it helps rid of pesky toenail fungus.  Use foot brush to scrub your toenails while you having shower. Don’t forget to dry each foot after the shower, including between toes.

Trim and Shape Your Nails Regularly

Use toenail cutter or quality toenail clippers to trim your nail rather use jut normal scissor. Because it can hurt your nails as well as surroundings. Keep in mind to trim your nails straight across never in curved shape as it helps grow bacteria and fungus edge of the nail. Also never cut it too short, give it some space end of the nail that helps protect toes from unexpected pressures and trauma.

Use Clipper Designed for Toenail

As I mentioned above that is very important to use toenail clipper to trim toenails. There are lot of toenail related injuries due to use improper clippers and cutters to trim toenails even finger nails. Purchase proper strong and sharp toenail designed clipper.

Change your Socks Daily

Fungus love to grow in wet, warm surfaces. Never use same shocks again without wash and dry. You must keep your feet dry all the time as much as possible. Just in case your socks get wet, that’s ok don’t hesitate remove those as soon as you back in home and properly clan and dry your feet. Use properly washed and dried shock each time.

Toenail Friendly Diet

Protein and calcium are the main nutrients which help healthy nails both in toe and fingers. Eating nails friendly diet, you can keep beautiful strong shinny toenails. Protein loaded foods help growth of your nails such as chicken breast, eggs as well as fruits and vegetables. Calcium make your nails stronger, go for dried fish, milk, soya beans and nuts for get good amount of calcium. Balanced diet not only helps your nails, that will help skin, weight loss, burn fat moreover happy healthy long life.

Proper Shoes and Socks

When you selecting shoes and socks, that must fit to your size. If your shoes too tide then it will pressure on your feet as well as nails. Thus it causes blisters. Feet get sweat and warm if your feet on pressure for considerable time. So this could be cause for fungus as we discussed above. Again this is not only for the shoes, socks as well. When selecting socks look the label and pick cotton socks pair. Cotton is the most human friendly fabric.

Don’t buy online if you doubt about the product. Visit shop wear sample and then go for it

Occasional Massage

Get your partner help! That build up trust and love. You can get proper medical massage by massage center. We recommend do it your self at least twice per month. Same as leg massage, foot massage will help for good blood circulation. So it helps in several ways and good blood flow transfer all required nutrients to particular organs.

Moisturize Daily

Best way to keep your moisture on your toenails by applying good moisturize cream. There are hundreds of nail care creams and lotions. When you selecting cream, consider about your skin type and we suggest to choice clinical proven product. Use regular lotion specially after shower and just before go to the bed. This could help you to keep moisture and stronger nails. Rather than creams you can use oils alternatively and in some cases oils are better than cream as they loaded with quick absorbing ability such as jojoba oil. These are really helpful to keep toenails becoming dry, creaked and stiff.



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