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Tuna Effect for Weight Loss

Tuna Effect for Weight Loss

There are different ways to lose excess body weight. You might have come across different methods to get a good looking figure. The tuna diet has the capability to lose one’s weight. It also has some negative impacts as well. A tuna diet includes; intake of tuna and water initially for a particular period of time.

It is normal that you lose your body weight while you consume only these two things. Actually, it causes a rapid weight loss as the Tuna diet has low calories.

But, consuming low calories is not good for your health. Your body requires calories for all the metabolic activities inside your body. Digestion of food, respiration, growth of hair, and fighting against diseases need energy. All these energies taken to the body through the food you eat. When you get low calories with this diet, all the essential metabolic processes slow down. This will make your body weak.  

Tuna contains many nutrients for sure. Nutrients such as; Omega-3-fatty acids, selenium, fat, and proteins are such beneficial nutrients provided by Tuna. Tuna does not contain any carbohydrates. Therefore, you will not gain weight even by eating a lot of Tuna.

Nutrition Facts of Tuna 100 grams

Total Fat1.3g
Total Carbohydrate-0
Vitamin A1%
Vitamin C1%
Vitamin B-650%
Source: Wikipedia

 It keeps your heart, brain, and immune system healthy. It also consists of antioxidants that flush away all the toxins in your blood. But, it does not provide you with all the nutrients for the maintenance of your body. Most of the people don’t get this fact when they start to get used to this diet plan.

Eating Tuna has a direct impact on your health as it can contain heavy metals. Yellowfin and bigeye like fish have higher amounts of mercury as shown by the researchers. Mercury poisoning is associated with severe damage to your heart, kidneys, immune system, and nervous system. Accumulation of mercury in large amounts inside your body can cause death as well.

When you take the Tuna diet for a long period of time, long term weight loss can occur. This will make your body weak and unhealthy. It directly puts you in danger than losing weight.

Therefore, it is very important to contact a dietician before you practice any sort of diet pattern. Incorporating Tuna to your diet will be helpful to lose weight. But, you should not restrict your diet only with Tuna in order to get the nutritional value of it.

Drink more water and engage in regular exercises. Stop or minimize oily food and sweets. Consume more fruits and fresh vegetables. You will definitely lose weight and get an attractive body.


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